10 July 2008

Imagine a Monkey Photographer

(You won't find my name out that easily!)

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So today my Holga 135bc came in the post from Hong Kong, which is pretty much the only place you can actually get them from at the moment. For those of you familiar with the famous and coveted Holga 120, the 135 is pretty much the same but it takes 35mm film (the ordinary kind). The size of this new Holga is actually quite noticably smaller than the original, though still with a hot shoe for a flash and all the same functions, whilst coming with an insert for a shutter cable.

The results for this model can easily be found at Flickr, keeping that low fidelity aesthetic and much loved 'Holga look' to the photographs. Quite looking forward to starting some experimental shots to get a feel for the new model and getting the film developed (which should be a lot easier, not to mention cheaper than if I went with the original 120 medium format film!). As soon as I get a roll developed I will make sure to post them, however bear in mind the first roll will most likely be pretty bad. To understand my specific camera and film choices I will have to take a variety of shots with different light settings and camera settings, so nothing too adventurous as of yet!

If you are wondering where my rolls of film are in that photograph, I have been keeping them in the fridge. If that makes no sense to you, don't worry about it, it just allows the film to last a lot longer than it otherwise would.

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  1. ooh.. now i want to get one on my trip there september! :)

  2. You finally got your Holga cam!!

  3. you can get holga camera in London i.e Urban Outfitters and The London Photographer's Gallery near Leicester Sq tube station.

    have fun lomo-ying!!!

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  5. I am so excited to see the photographs... have fun with it :)

  6. in the fridge that is funny

    thanks for the tip.