11 June 2008

Working Man

So I was watching this documentary on the aftermath of World War 2 today (I'm somewhat rather ill so I'm kinda bed bound for the day...plus I'm a nerd by nature) and it reminded me of the Fall 2008 collections for quite a few designers. These first two images are from the Bottega Veneta Collection, Tomas Maier based the designs on the 1940s manual labourer, with certain aspects of tailoring within the collection reminiscent somewhat of Charlie Chaplin. Anyhoo, I personally find this rather rugged look with the idea of 'uniform' and making 'functional' fashionable rather intriguing. I guess it's the dichotomy of it, turning a builders overalls into high fashion that I love!

These three images are from the Dolce & Gabbana Collection. Glamour and comfort combined, again another fascinating contrast, I personally love the entire collection. I especially love the thick knits, which for me are quintessential winter wear, combined with the chunky wrap around scarves, a look which seems to have boomed in London for men as of last winter (I've personally been rocking it far longer cos I love scarves). The tapered ankles of the wool trousers also stand out to me, I have a thing about tapered trousers, especially in winter, when I hate getting the bottoms of them wet, a problem this design feature easily overcomes :) Oh and the shoes are plain amazing!

Admittedly these looks are kinda hard for me to pull off, having a stick thin build, although the chunky knits are so my cup of tea. So I put this image in from the Gucci collection, more an Autumn look than a Winter plainly, but something I think is easily achievable and I absolutely adore it!! Well the collection concept was based on the traveling gypsies of old Russia, hence the bohemian looking layers and interesting clothing details. I love the belt detailing, the wrapped around scarf with the belt on top off to one side, I kinda copied it over Easter with fitted pinstripe trousers and a shirt/skinny tie combo on top. It worked rather well if I may so myself! I also adore the cardigan, especially the way that one side is pulled out. The fit of the trousers, and the bunching of the ankles on top of those shoes is divine! All in all, I love this look if you couldn't tell!

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  1. Military chic. An odd idea, but neat when practiced!
    And I hope you get better soon. being ill is no fun.

  2. Thanks m'dear, oh and may I say I love your blog!

  3. I absolutely adore the knits from Dolce, the cables and patterns along with the color scheme is phenomenal for fall. Don't you love seeing designers give a bit of a history lesson with their clothing? The second Bottega bomber jacket is killer, want! xo