10 June 2008

Wingtips are F-L-Y

So Beka over at reLYME asked people to email her photos of their shoes, which I tried to do, but GoogleMail hates me and bounced them back...I might have to crush their stranglehold on the internet when the Revolution comes (not to worry people, you're all safe). What with technical difficulties I decided to post them on my blog instead. I have a thing for Brogues as you may be able to tell. The boots are by Nanny State, and I usually wear them with jeans casually falling on top or slightly tucked in, they cost me quite a bit, but I think of them as an investment. The black brogues I bought in a boutique on Carnaby Street in London like 2 years ago, they're super comfortable, and as you can see I punish them quite a bit. Oh if you're wondering I'm usually a size 10UK/11US, which is apparently quite big...whatevvvver.

Currently playing: Beautiful In Los Angeles - Garrison Starr (not gonna lie, I found out about her in the Season One Finale of The Hills, they played this song and I loved it!)


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