9 June 2008

Ray of Sunshine

So I've been rocking my American Apparel bright yellow wind breaker as of late, it's a lightweight nylon jacket, so it's perfect for the warmer weather. It seems to attract rather a lot of attention because of how bright it is! Oh, if for some reason you hadn't realised, yellow is in this season (although I find yellow is naturally a summer colour anyways!). So I was walking in the park this morning and this old woman said to me, 'My, you look like a ray of sunshine', which I thought was quite nice. I can't be bothered to take a photograph now, but I have an old picture of me wearing it. This was pre -haircut and -new glasses so I look rather different, I took it in a hotel room in Damascus, Syria (awesome country, awesome city, check it some time) over Easter this year (yeah I was rocking this from like February). Oh by the way, I'm wearing a fitted white shirt and skinny black tie underneath if you wanted to know!

Currently playing: Live and Learn - The Cardigans



  1. With a matching bag? Look at you, my little ray of sunshine!

  2. I love this look... I wish that the jacket could have been a little fitted.