19 June 2008

Pendant les vacances d'été...

Eduoard Manet - Boating

Pablo Picasso - Garcon a la pipe

Espadrilles, which are first thought to have been made around the Pyrennees, have been popular since the 14th Century in the Catalonian region. Originally synonymous with peasantry due to their simple and cheap construction, in modern times they have become a spring and summer footwear staple in much of Southern Europe. This simplistic construction allows for an inherent laid back style and the all natural materials add a touch of elegance over any possible synthetic versions.

So I've been thinking of summer shoes and Espadrilles really catch my eye, thier effortless style and practical summer use are very appealing. Also the fact that they are not widely seen away from Southern Europe (on men anyway) is something I find rather attractive, strange considering how, in my opinion, they make perfect sense for summer! Admittedly I could wear plimsoles for summer, I do have some nice ones, but the thing is I actually prefer them for spring/autumn, and besides half of the feet pounding the London pavement are encased in plimsoles in an effort to be 'young' and 'hip'. Oh, I do plan to some colourful hi top sneakers (Nike Dunks?) for when I get back to University in Autumn though, they keep my feet warm and dry, plus they look good paired with skinny or baggy jeans!

Any thoughts?

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  1. I think they're classic and they definitely capture the summer feeling.

  2. I agree, they are very nice.
    Great little history lesson, too! You need to add a picture of your Nikes if you buy them. My best friend loves those bright coloured Nike ones.
    I do want to steal those Hermes boxes.
    Have I told you that your blog is... well.. very stylish indeed. And you constantly have lovely comment for me :)
    And also, you've been tagged!

  3. Cool history. I think you can pull it off!!

  4. Espadrillessssssssss...how very sartorialist of you:) great slide ons for summer, they get my vote.


  5. I'd go with the denim. By the way, thanks for teaching us about espadrille history!

  6. http://bp3.blogger.com/_qjpwnPW4c1o/SD3eW8G1cFI/AAAAAAAADdY/ntqTxgegwWk/s1600-h/5248Espadrillesweb.jpg

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