6 June 2008

Nolita Summer Days

Ok I know I rip a lot of photographs off of Sart, but seriously the man has an amazing photographic eye! I love this photo, this young woman pretty much sums up summer for me, looking amazing and cycling around Nolita, New York with her lil doggie! I love the dress, and especially how the furry blanket under her dog seems to blend into it. The pink headband and pink bike coordinate completely with her outfit and even her dog! Such a simple yet superbly cute look - it actually reminds me of Legally Blonde. *Sigh* I wish I was well enough to be cycling around in the sun, which seems to have disappeared as of late, oh and I actually can't ride a bicycle either (is that weird? I can't be bothered to learn now, an 18 year old with stabilisers is a bit quirkier than I like...although I could so rock that look...hmmm).

Currently playing: Lock You Down ft. Lil Wayne - Mya ('I got a sweet tooth, Miss Caramel I need three scoops' - that line makes me laugh every time I swear)



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  2. You're right. This is an incredible photo. It pretty much embodies the type of summer I'm hoping to have. There's so much simplicity in this photo, but you can't help but notice how fabulous she looks!