7 June 2008


So I had to go out to the supermarket this morning, which I couldn't actually be bothered to do, but meh. Anyhoo, thought I'd take some photographs of what I wore, what with the blog and all. So I thought I'd stick to darker colours, as you can see, it's all rather basic, but little details are what it's all about! Simple slim fit grey t-shirt, with a nicely fitted black jacket on top and some silver dogtags to break it up and add a lil shine. Jeans wise, they're actually skinny fit raw denim (I'm still breaking them in as you can tell, I decided not to do the whole sit in a bath with them on thing...I'm kinda looking for a bit of wear and fading at the moment, but once that happens I dunno how I plan to soak them...so stay tuned for that!). As you can I rolled up the bottoms slightly, they came to about 2 inches above my ankle, so most of my hi top black creepers were visible (they were insanely cheap from H&M by the way and they've actually lasted rather a long time, although I do put scrunched up newspaper in my footwear and box them when I'm not using them!). Accessories wise, apart from what you see, I had like several rubber bands on my right wrist, a rubber band on my left index finger to make a ring, and a grey agate ring on my right ring finger, simple stuff but it makes an otherwise plain outfit slightly more interesting as a whole!

Currently playing: Doctor Pressure - Mylo v. Miami Sound Machine / The Light In Your Eyes - Sheryl Crow (if you get the time check her newest stuff, tis amazing)



  1. omigodness. i heart your outfit to the maximum capacity. bandannas = l-o-v-e

  2. I have faaaar too many bandannas and scarves so I always try to fit them in somehow otherwise they'd feel left out living at the back of my cupboard!