15 June 2008

I don't look too happy!

So this is my outfit today, pretty much what I'd consider to be your basic smart casual outfit, but with one or two interesting notes hopefully! The shirt is your basic white from the Savile Row Co., although I took the collar stays out last time I washed it, plus I think you should only really use them when you're going full smart. The red silk tie is super high quality, cost me quite a lot, but the finish is amazing and the stitching/folds that you usually find on the back of the tie are wonderfully hidden, although you have to see it in person really. The jeans are reasonably smart I guess, I was going to wear some slim cut suit trousers, but they're at the dry cleaners...I was meant to collect them yesterday but I was ill, so now I'll have to wait till Monday, grrr! Oh and I love my shoes, they've taken a beating, but still!

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  1. Cool shoes, I like the pointed toes.

  2. i dig the shoes. very cool.




  3. Hey you, thank you so much for the wonderful comment. And, thank you for taking the time to vote! I can't believe how crazy this has gotten!

    I'm absolutely loving the accent piece, red is such a great statement color.

    Those shorts I wore today are little boys' uniform shorts that I found at a little local vintage store. I lucked out, for sure.

    I hope you're doing well, bb!

  4. I'd just like to say that I fully appreciate you.

  5. the red tie is a good look!

  6. Hey, liking your blog, really like the shoes, and the red tie brings the look together. Very cool look, Check mine out, its kinda new.
    Oh and i have added you to my blogroll

  7. I like that outfit a lot. The splash of red, using your tie, is fantastic! And wicked shoes.