18 June 2008

The 'Futura' Of Graffiti

Critically acclaimed artist/desginer/(vandal?) Futura 2000 was a prolific component of the 1970s graffiti movement in New York. Capturing the attention of critics using his preferred canvas of train carriages and setting himself apart from his peers through the use of spray paints to create an airbrush-esque design, Futura was merely setting out on his artistic adventure. Futura was to channel his creativity into illustration and graphic design, working with music companies to design record sleeves. Subsequently he has gained popularity with various sub cultures worldwide, working with clothing, sneaker and even with collector toy companies. His gallery exhibitions are highly antipicated and his website gives a slight insight into his creative process and melange of inspirations.

All images courtesy of Futura 2000.

On a side note, I upgraded to Firefox 3 with its launch yesterday (they wanted to set the world record for downloads in a day) and it's officially amazing. In my opinion the best internet browser - I hate Internet Explorer and Safari sucks (we have a PC as the main home computer, but I mainly use my laptop which is an iBook G4).

Currently playing: What Goes Around - Justin Timberlake / Stars And Boulevards - Augustana (seriously I dunno how people can be sleeping on the band, they are mega mega awesome!)


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