27 June 2008

Etro Celebrates

Etro is very much a family run fashion house, founded in 1968 by Gimmo Etro, the menswear line is now run by Kean Etro, with his sister Veronica in charge of womenswear. Etro has stamped its mark with bold colours and beautifully complex patterning, rather dichotomously applied to traditional and smart tailoring. They have recently gained popularity from their extensive use of paisley to great stylistic effect, and arguably even its fashion revival. Even Etro's ostensibly conservative tailored suits packed a punch with super colourful linings, adding a unique fun touch to their designs.

As such it appears that Kean chose the Spring 2009 collection to celebrate these signature styles and patterns. The runway was awash with the delightfully colourful and intricate patterns that have gained Etro such fame. The fabrics were luxurious and laid back, reminiscent of the orient, indeed almost inspired directly from Kean's recent visit to the Subcontinent. Indeed one notes the last model, those are traditional longi pants, worn pretty much all over the Subcontinent. Interestingly, not at all of dressing up, rather for lounging around, being a simple piece of fabric wrapped around with an additional piece tied to hold it all in place. This in itself adds a quality of fun and celebration to the collection.

Even the smart tailoring of the collection maintained this celebration, dressed with crumpled shirts or constructed from vivaciously coloured satins. Scarves and ties were seldom to be seen actually adorning necks, rather they were wrapped around waists, giving a funky edge even to the most traditional looks. I personally loved the Etro show, it is refreshing and exciting to see a designer have such obvious fun with a collection. It is a celebration of their own success as well as a celebration of menswear, drawing from global inspirations. The judges from Project Catwalk would probably disagree, but: who cares if it ventures into costume?

On a side note: Why are pirates funny? - They just arrr!

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  1. Such a beautiful collection and the colours are breathtaking ... Love the originality! P.S. thank you so much for your sweet comments :)

  2. estra totally livens everything up. wait, why is there a random old guy? am i behind on something?

  3. Lol I thought someone might notice that, there were a lot of old guys in the shows, twas pretty cool. I might do a post on Yohji Yamamoto, they had like old guys doing half of the modelling, it was super!

  4. Oooh! Etro + shiny = love.
    That model with the old man beard startled me! He's cool.

  5. Great review! I love the collection, specifically because of the guy in picture #2.
    Please do the Yohji Yamamoto old guy post!

  6. Hey I love your blog, I think you may enjoy mine.

  7. Wow, if I had just seen these clothes in a store I would probably be a little sceptic, on these models it looks great.

  8. The colours are so luxurious. It's nice to see some oranges and purples.