6 June 2008

Enchanting Prada

Ok so it's been one of the most hyped bags for Spring/Summer 2008 and has been recently sported by countless celebrities. Prada's runway show last September (Milan) was awash with fairy prints and delightfully childish yet sophisticated designs, which I must say I adore, probably because I have the heart and mind of a toddler and a grandpa both fighting it out in me. I love this bag, and it's not just my childhood fascination with fairies and Peter Pan style magic, but for me it hits that right balance between artistic, playful and elegant. It's as if the designers were swept away in the middle of a daydream whilst labouring over their sketchbooks. The bag is even made of deerskin leather and is said to have a sparkle in person...how magical! Although at $2490 it is not exactly cheap, but really...it's worth it, think of it as an investment!

Currently playing: Tailor Made - Colbie Caillat (seriously, buy her album Coco, it's the shizzle)



  1. Oh these are just lovely, they remind me of the cover of Angela Carter's Book of Fairy Tales :)

  2. Omg, I love Angela Carter, I remember reading some of her stories at GCSE...slightly creeped me out, but I enjoyed them nevertheless!