10 June 2008

Dressed for Comfort

Remember to click all the pictures for close ups!

I'm not feeling overly well today (hence me looking slightly rough), so I'm more dressed for comfort than anything else! Anyways I'm wearing this chunky knit double breasted grey cardigan with a shawl neck, which I adore, it reminds me of my grandpa. I'm also wearing a washed linen shirt with like thin pink, brown and powder blue stripes, underneath which I've also got a pale yellow t-shirt, a lot of colours going on I know! Erm you can't actually see my jeans, but they're beat up vintage denim jeans with a slightly relaxed fit.

Oh snap, my hair is also in need of a trim as you can see, I'm thinking of going quite short for summer, but still long enough to show off my curls, probably somewhere in between Adam Brody and Mika...which gives me a lot of scope!

Currently playing: Lucky ft. Colbie Caillat - Jason Mraz (I love love love love this song, buy the album!!!)



  1. Aah, I love this cardigan - good times. Also I adore that song!!

  2. I love the cardigan, it does look comfy! And I say go for the Mika look, no doubt in my mind it'll look great!
    You write so well, I love this blog. Linking!

  3. You are ridiculously good looking, sir AND you have amazing style! I absolutely adore your mommy's quotes, sounds like my wonderful mother. Thank you for the lovely comment, xo

  4. Yaaay, thankee you lovely people!

  5. Hi from Paris !
    Have a look at this one. It 's nearly the same
    you're wearing !

    Fred the Mole