7 June 2008

The Double Breasted Waistcoat

This is a recent photograph from Face Hunter that I thought I'd share. I'm loving the black double breasted waistcoat, remember this summer is all about waistcoats! You'd think that leaving a double breasted waistcoat would hang weirdly, but I think that in this case it works wonderfully. I also really like her boots, really rather unique and I swear I've seen that bag before, I wanted one that was highly similar!

Currently playing: Favourite Girl - Marques Houston (some of his best lyrics...not exactly saying much, but still, they're sweet)



  1. Waist coats for summer. Hmmm..I'll have to think about it. It might be just too hot here. We might be just wanting to run around in our undies in this humidity.

  2. In that case just make sure you have awesome prints on your undies!

  3. i want to get a pair of the perfect combat boots