8 June 2008


Nerd moment I know, feel free to skip this post if you want...if you do I will actually hex you though, so you have been warned. Anyways Shonen Jump's Naruto is like one of the most popular Manga Series in Japan, and I loves it, the story lines are awesome (it's about Ninjas!) and the artwork is amazing. If you want to check it out, I'd recommend starting with the anime series, cos people tend to be lazy like that, oh if you don't understand Japanese please go with the Subbed version, the Dubbed ones are awful...like seriously a bunch of drunks could do better voice overs. So I was in bed last night and did a little freehand sketch I thought I would share, I know there are quite a few mistakes, but whatever.

Currently playing: The Lights and Buzz - Jack's Mannequin (amazing song, amazing band - check them out!!)



  1. Gah, narutard! I am a weeabo to the extreme and love manga, d. Gray man is my favorite shounen along with code geass but naruto I simply cannot love.....

  2. Really nice drawing! I am a bit addicted to anime/manga, but not this particular series. I can't get enough Tenchi and Gundam Wing!

  3. Thanks! Omg, I love Gundam Wing, I used to watch the anime all the time.