15 June 2008

The D&G Dad

So it's Father's Day today and thinking of what to get for my Dad was rather troublesome...let's say he's one of those people who refuses to spend money on anything he 'can make for cheaper'. So anyhoo, I know he loves he old school knitwear, especially cable knits, so I decided to find some for him. Inspired by the current D&G collection of aged snowbound gear, also reminiscent to me of murder mystery weekends in the mountains (ok I've never done that, but it's what I guess it would be like) I found some cool chunky knitwear over at Ralph Lauren (I would post pictures, but I had it gift wrapper in the store). Oh, these are the inspiration shots, I love them - I want for winter!! In terms of the first look, footwear wise, could I use dark knit ankle warmers on my jeans and pull my boots over? Oh snap, might as well say Happy Father's Day to all you dads (in case any dad's do stumble across this, can't alienate readers you see).

Currently playing: Breathless - Shayne Ward (seriously, this guy's voice...you have to hear it! Towards the end he hits some insanely high notes, I was taken aback the first time I heard it)


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