29 June 2008

Concept to Reality

Viktor & Rolf have always been about concept when it comes to their fashion aesthetic, however their Spring 2009 collection shows how easily this conceptual approach can be transformed into garments and looks that work on a more everyday level. The Amsterdam based design duo are arguably more famous for their artistic endeavours (they currently have an exhibition in London's Barbican Art Gallery), yet here they remind us clearly of their fashion capabilities.

The main inspiration was Hawaii in the 1950s, ostensibly a time of natural elegance for the designers. This idea was realised in almost Ralph Lauren-esque WASP creations, with a wonderfully light palette and simple tailoring. However the delightfully simple garments were finished to a high quality, with equally simple yet elegant patterning and adornment. There were traces of loose tailoring, for example one rather slouchy jacket, and the relaxed and beautifully cut baggy pajama trousers (shown above). The collection had an ease and light elegance to it, yet I personally feel, upon first glance, that 'Hawaii' would not be the main inspiration that I would be drawn to conclude. Despite this small quibble however, the collection as a whole appeals to me stylewise - I would definitely love to wear some of those pieces!

On a side note: Van Gogh walks into a bar, the barman offers him a drink - 'No thanks' says Van Gogh 'I've got one 'ere!'

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  2. Hawaii in the 1950s? Interesting source of inspiration.

  3. I love the grey (silver?) jacket in the second pic - you need one!! also, i hope you realise you just made an art history joke...

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  7. I love the material in the second image. Silk and pajama trousers were all over Milan and Paris Fashion week.

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  8. that's looks really 50's...and hot!....
    i like those glasses...mans look sexy wearing em'...
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  9. I think this is my favourite of the men's collections. I really like it!

  10. I love this collection, definitely one of my favorites... and the colors are so simple and beautiful :)