4 June 2008

Belt Me Up

As usual it's all in the detail right? This photo (it did look as if I was taking a crotch shot at the time I must admit) was a friend of mine today, the belt really caught my eye. I love how the colour breaks between the two shades of grey, and the fact that the belt unconventional in a way, yet at the same time a very traditional design. The contrast between the polka dots and stripes of the trousers (from Monsoon by the way) is ace! I may have to steal the belt...which would require me to don my ninja outfit...yeah I trained as a ninja for a while, helped me out a lot with the superheroing, diversify your skills!!

Currently playing: Fools Like Me - Lisa Loeb (awesome song, was featured on Grey's Anatomy in Season One I believe, which you should so check out, it's amazing!)


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