9 June 2008

Always Ready

So yesterday evening I'm sitting in my sweats reading Vogue (the July issue, I'll post about it some time soon) and my Dad comes in and says 'You're wearing that?'. Somewhat nonplussed I replied 'Yeah, I would be naked, but last time I tried I ended up in a cell'...he just looked confused and told me we had people coming for dinner and they were around the corner (of the road, he didn't just pull them out like a magic, although that would have been pretty cool).

Anyways I thought I might want to pull on something more presentable so I ran to my cupboard (well I actually waltzed over, but for dramatic effect I say 'ran' innit). I pulled out as you can see, a purple hoody from American Apparel, a slim fit black tee and some skinny jeans from Uni Qlo. Accessories wise I decided to change into my purple socks to match with the purple hoody, cos I like matching little details. I also went with the studded black and white belt and a black and white shemagh scarf that was actually hand made by some old lady in Lebanon, which is kinda cool. Now all this was pretty much ready for me, cos I always have outfits lined up in my wardrobe by occasion and colour, and put crossover pieces in between...yup I'm a clothes nerd like that, and what?!

Currently playing: Shooter ft. Lil Wayne - Robin Thicke



  1. Oh, parents. They love to comment on what you wear, but they're not particularily helpful I find. I like the outfit--especially the belt.

  2. I like the outfit too... especially the belt!