14 June 2008

The Pin Ups

Kristen Bell

Meagan Good

Alice Eve

Amanda Seyfried

Hayden Panettiere

Isla Fisher

Jess Weixier

The Vanities section of each issue of Vanity Fair opens with the full page image of a rising young star. I just decided to share some of my personal favourites, style wise, from recent times. There's something extremely attractive from the concept of the 50s Pin Up shoot from the photographers point of view, as it allows for a greater amount of fantasy, which is what fashion is really about - a fantasy made real.

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  1. I have a "thing" for pin ups, love these modern interpretations.

  2. I adore pin ups. These are beautiful! I especially like Isla Fischer. Great post!

  3. I love these, especially Isla Fisher. Hayden Patiniere just annoys me here though, isn't she like 18?

  4. Wow, I think Hayden Panettiere's photo is the one that works the best! These are some really fab images all round though!

  5. I have to say Hayden's photo is way too similar to what she was doing when she was in freaking Seventeen! Isla's and Jess's are my favorite though. Thanks for sharing, this was a great post! Beautiful pictures!

  6. oh, i love it. meagans is best, i think. god, that heroes bitch just gets on my nerves though.

  7. Meagan s is definetly fantastically and absolutely the best. she s gorgeous - the rest are k. ooh as well as hayden whatever

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