31 May 2008

Recent West Enders

So these are just some recents taken by Miss Kit of Style Slicker in the West End of London. Quite liking the dresses: bold colour/monochrome patterning/floral...ok the floral being my favourite cos I have a thing for florals. On a side note I should be revising and feel really rather ill...joy.

Currently playing: Make Me Better ft. Neyo - Fabolous (Timbaland literally ripped off an arabic tune and said it was 'sampling'...opened up rather a lot of debate as to what constitutes as sampling, because he pretty much used their tune and took full credit. Anyhoo love the instrumentals regardless, and the lyrics on Neyo's side are pretty awesome...check it)



  1. Thanks for the post Dapper Kid!!! Love your sub header title.....so hilarious, I'm pretty sure your spandex is better than your cape. ^_^


  2. You're welcome, they were really nice shots! I'm hoping to start some street style photographs of my own some time soon!

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