26 May 2008

June Vogue

Remember to click for larger images! I thought I'd just take a quick look at June's issue of Vogue, cos I likes it innit. As you can see we have Agyness Deyn on the cover, and may I say she looks stunning. I'm loving the how her hair colour compliments her waistcoat (yes ladies this summer it's all about the waistcoat!) and that necklace is absolutely divine! The white throughout with the vest, shorts and shoes are also very summery, and remember that white naturally makes you look more tanned - everything pops on white! I like the sporty touch on the shoes, you should be investing in peep toe lace up heels, and she's basically wearing the fun version :)

Jemima Khan's piece on decisiveness and people's inabilities to make decisions was awesome, truthfully I know quite a few people who would benefit from reading it (heck I did!). One point she made that stuck with me was:

'Give us 30 flavours of ice cream, and 75 per cent of us will go for chocolate or vanilla. In a world of booming high-street fashion, most of us still wear black.'

Sooooo, basically my mission is to start making decisions that are actually that, not just the safe choice!

Ooooo I loved the 'Easy Street' bohemian shoot, all you need to know is that pile-it-on-boho is out, and it's all about chic and sophisticated bohemian (think Etro and Matthew Williamson's prints). The first is a Michael Kors dress, who you would never have thought could even say 'boho'! I'm loving the colour combination and the light and airy look is perfect for summer. The second image is just to show you how to incorporate the waistcoat into the look, in this case a leather studded waistcoat, nicely juxtaposed to the free-spirited dress. Last but not least is a divine sweeping floral dress from Chloe (I dunno how to do accents, but hopefully you dinni mind too much!).

To finish up, I just thought I'd share a segment from an article on a personal favourite of mine, fashion photographer, Tim Walker. Introduced as 'a Peter Pan, a daydreamer, a fantasist', I'd like to think we have something in common. Anyhoo reading his interview one bit struck home:

'Tim started taking pictures as a teenager, after moving to Devon with his parents and brother: "I think I was interested in pictures from the day I was born," he says. "I always loved the illustrations in children's books more than the stories themselves." Photography was, and is, "a way to communicate. I could see things in my head that I wanted to express, but I didn't know how to communicate them if they didn't exist. It was a mood I could feel, or a mixture of a memory and an imaginary thing that I wanted to..." He trails off, fumbling for a way to phrase it. [...] But the point of fashion is that you take the picture you want. And fashion is the only photography that allows fantasy, and I'm a fantasist. I love beautiful clothes - but I couldn't give a monkey's what's on the catwalks"'

All in all worth flicking through! Although I must say they do charge rather a lot, but it's pretty damn cheap if you subscribe!

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  1. Oh Ms Deyn, we fall at your feet in adoration.


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