20 March 2011

Sunday Viewing: Haider Ackermann


Haider Ackermann in conversation with Maria Luisa

A Carte Blanche named Opium, by Haider Ackermann.  Opulence would be understating the collection.  Sometimes you just want to lose yourself in a fantasy...

I sincerely hope Ackermann returns to menswear, because Opium was nothing short of stunning.  I hope I can pick up a piece or two come the sale season (if they even reach the sales - the curse of the size 44/46), because they are fashion history in the making.  Indeed I would be surprised if certain museums were not already in the process of trying to safeguard select garments and accessories from the collection.  However I certainly understand the fact that he wants to focus on his womenswear.  That focus really did show - the Autumn/Winter 2011 collection was absolutely beautiful.  I rarely use the term 'sexy', but in this case it was the only word that came to my mind.  It was a sensual and seductive elegance, that teased rather than provoked with its reveal.  He presented a type of sexy that has been missing from womenswear for a while now, and one that I hope makes a return.  I would love to be the Ackermann man, and I would love to have the Ackermann woman by my side.



  1. I feel so very fortunate to have seen this presentation live. I stood open mouthed as the designs glided, shimmered and flowed past my eyes. Have you been to DSM yet to see them in person? If not you really should!

  2. I could see Jamie Campbell Bower embracing this. I like the shoes too.

  3. in love with the last one, great blogs, always a good read!

  4. You're right about the seductive quality that comes across in his designs. The way that everything is loosely tied or left casually open is really gorgeous.

  5. Ooh-er, kimono robes. I'm actually not partial to them, but I think this just changed my mind... Roar!

  6. Beautiful menswear collection, I like the rumpled luxury of it. Thank you for posting the video. I like what he says about letting the mind travel through his clothes and his line "You need to keep a certain distance to be desired."

  7. yeah snow makes Sweden go down like a 100% on a want-to-live-in-list hahaha

    and really cool designs here !

  8. I have championed Ackermann's menswear since its inception and agree that this collections was quite seductive. There's a smoky bedroom eyes feel to it, even though the models' eyes are irrelevant...you can't stop looking at the incredible garments. From the luxe fabric choices to the impeccable draping, this collection was perfection.