5 November 2008

Love Your BBlessings

I was recently overlooking the various collection lookbooks I have saved away, and came across the BBlessing Fall 08 collection. The collection took inspiration from the "hushed forest textures and crisp breaks of light of the Pacific Northwestern region of the United States". This current collection from the New York designers seems perfect to me for the ever close winter weather. I have been relishing as of late cosy dense fabrics, and here they are wonderfully combined with lighter muted choices. The idea of tailored winter wear always appeals to me, it seems far nicer than the usual oversized and shapeless silhouettes one sees on the train and tube. Although not as colourful as yesterday's Carin Wester focus, I find that the more traditional palette is still as exciting as the deep hues of blue, orange and grey.

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  1. I do love muted colours.
    Much easier to work with and more comfortable. It is something to do with our personality as well I think. Introverts do have a hard time sporting colours.

  2. I love those guys' looks. They'd be perfect on you!

  3. Mmm.... lovin all of these looks.. especially that shoulder buttoned sweater.

  4. I think I've slept on this label because every time I see the name I think "BB Dakota."

    Obviously, not the same thing at all.

  5. You are def well suited for tailored winter wear.

  6. Hey, DK!

    Sorry I haven't commented in sooo long, how have you been?

    This menswear line is incredible. I ♥ the cardigans!


  7. I am going to make sure and tell the BF to show off his nose. He just likes being shaggy hoping no one will see his elijah wood eyes nor his big french-canadian nose.

  8. I love this collection ... I love how neutral the colors are :)

  9. Yay! Yous got tagged! The Happy Tag!

  10. i discovered this store via WGSN 2 yrs ago. amazing decor.

    and i regret not being able to make it there when i was in new york last yr, i had just run out of time!

    i really like menswear looks like this, i really wish men could take inspiration from this. it's simple but still really great and put together.

  11. wish every man could dress like that <3